Photography Newly Discovered

I have been passionate about photography since I was little, but I didn’t have had the time to develop the hobby. Few months ago, I started to revive my passion for photography and I bought myself first a new SLT camera, a Sony Alpha 77, in December 2013. 

I started to  take pictures with the new camera. I was so excited, but very soon I realized that understanding the camera was quite challenging, so I decided I’d need help with the camera’s features and settings.

As well as the gear giving me trouble, I also realized that I’d got a bit rusty in terms of composing my photographs in order to get an exciting artistic expression and to obtain a pleasing, atmospheric photograph.

It was time for a change, so I decided to look for a place to learn. I found the Photoion Photography, which offered a variety of photographic courses and workshops. I began by attending the two day beginners’ course. The time spent with the tutor, Ion Paciu, and the other students in the group was a great experience; the knowledge I gained in two days in a very funny and creative environment helped me to gather a good understanding of the core principals and concepts in photography, including a good understanding of my new SLT  Sony Alpha 77 camera.

After the two day beginners’ course, armed with a fresh pair of eyes and lots of new knowledge, I started to go out and my journey as a photographer began with growing success.  I love spending time with my tripod outdoors and capturing landscape and cityscape scenes. During the next three months, I spent lots of time outdoors and I took hundreds of photographs. It’s not easy to capture that “perfect” image that you are after, but the point is to have fun and enjoy the time spent behind the camera. I have continued to take photographs almost every week and during my outdoor escapades I discovered that night photography was really amazing and worth a try.

By now, I replaced my Sony A77 by its successor A77 MKII and bought a second camera, a Fuji X-T1, for a new field I claimed as very interesting – Street Photography.  Further, I joined a Night Photography, Portrait and Speedlite workshop at Photoion Photography to expand my skill set and add new fields to my photography. Finally, I added a two days 1:1 session
with Ion Paciu to my training in order to wrap up the knowledge I gathered so far and make sure all is set right for capturing exciting and atmospheric photographs along my ways in London and elsewhere on this world.

I am looking forward to treating myself with a brand new full-frame camera soon and getting to really exciting place on this planet to capture the shot. 🙂 Keep shooting.